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Cpl Miller 02-28-2009 06:56 AM

How you people....
live in that kind of environment is behond me. What is it about living in a place that freezes your balls off every winter that keeps you there? You must have been born there cause my ass would have moved years ago.

I was raised in Hawaii as a kid and to this day still hate the cold even here in Sacramento where the temps been around 40 degrees over the last few weeks. GOD I miss home... ha ha

Marine1955 03-01-2009 06:50 AM

morning gentlemen and i use that term loosely ha ha. 11 degrees outside and a clear sky to see and not a bit of rain or snow to be found the way cpl. miller why would anyone live in a place where at any time there could be ocean front property or a mudd slide or a big pit from an earth quake? at least here i know whats coming and whats not coming and i can always dress up for the cold but you can't always take enough closes off to cool down when you live in the west coast Sana Anna driven winds from the south i remember those winds and they suck and one more thing FIRES . we all live where we want to live and we all bit*h about where we live. thats what makes the world go around Semper Fi to all

usmc26th 03-02-2009 05:53 AM

Morning; -18 this morning and will warm up to about 15. Good day to put on a pair of snowshoes and take a walk. Have a good day

devildog-64012 03-02-2009 06:51 AM

Kansas City about 10 to 15 degrees to start, with clear cloud-free skies. High expected to be mid to upper 30's with about 70 for Thursday this week. Hopefully the 3" to 5" of snow from last Sat(2/28) will be gone by then.

Marine1955 03-02-2009 07:12 AM

25 outside and cloudy today it may rain , but i don't think it will. had a good breakfast eggs,bacon,toast,and coffee man it was good . I hope your weekend went well and your work day goes even better

Cpl Miller 03-02-2009 08:11 AM

Moring ALL, I can't talk much about Southern Ca, here in the North part of the state it's not as bad, no wind to speak of, fires in the mountains at times. By the way, we call earth quakes GROUND surfing around these parts and beleive it or not you can hear them coming. As for beach front property, if your dumb enough to live THAT close to the ocean more power to you.

One good thing though, if you want to see snow you can drive up the darn hill to Reno and get more snow than you need, I choose to stay in the lowlands myself.

Weather today, overcast and about 50 degrees outside, hell it's t-shirt weather today. ha

Marine1955 03-03-2009 06:24 AM

31 outside warmer today cause of cloud cover last night kept the warmer air in today we should see about 70 as a high light winds andno rain or snow. might be a good day to take a road trip with the little wife.anyway you all have a fine Marine Corps day Semper Fi.

Marine1955 03-05-2009 05:37 AM

Good morning Marines 46 today and we could break another record high today. Yesterday we set a new high at 84 the old high was 79 back in 79 . Coffee is almost done and the smell of it fill the air . Later Marines I'm outer here

Marine1955 03-07-2009 07:54 AM

Good Morning, How the heck is everyone out there today?? me I'm fine for now but today isn't over by a long shot.. 50 plus outside and we should see 70's by this afternoon. Well I know a deep subject for a shallow mind,,, anyways just thought i would stop by and shoot the shizz with you and see how you OLD FARTS were.hahahahahaha.

SixTGunr 03-07-2009 08:12 AM

Saturday = Snooze Button

And For Later In The Day


Marine1955 03-11-2009 07:57 AM

Boy It's colder than a witches tit in a brass bra out there today 13 out side and it may get up to 35 to 40 today will see . Semper Fi to all out there.Light breakfast today but heavy on the coffee as always ..

SixTGunr 03-11-2009 11:06 AM

Light overcast with current temp sitting at 35 degrees with light winds out of the NE @ 4-8 mph ...

Sounds like coffee time to me;)

Ya'll have a great day


Marine1955 03-12-2009 06:32 AM

morning all it's still cold out there 20 out there and we should make it to 45 today.Coffee is ready and breakfast is almost done so I better go eat Semper Fi to All

Donald J. Heck 03-12-2009 02:14 PM

Good evening Folks
It is 57 and cloudy here in beautiful North Carolina. We are down five and a half inches in the rain department, have some coming in tonight and will be with us until Tuesday next week. Ya all have a good night and hang in there.

Donald J. Heck 03-13-2009 03:25 AM

Good morning Gang
Its 46 here in the Carolina's and cloudy, rain is coming and suppose to be with us all weekend. Have the joe and need to do some running today. Ya all have a good day and great weekend, stay safe.

Marine1955 03-13-2009 04:33 AM

Morning ta all it's 32 here and we might get to 45 today. going to have a light breakfast this morning but a lot of my coffee can't do without that.
hey Donald ship some of that rain toward us here in kansas we could use it. Semper Fi to all our men out in the world.

Donald J. Heck 03-13-2009 04:47 AM

would love to send you some rain but we need all we can get, they say we are in a drought condition. Need five and a half inches to bring us where we are suppose to be for this time of year. :)

Marine1955 03-14-2009 07:40 AM

Good morning to all out there foggy today but it's burning off now. cool out side should reach about 55 sometime today. Had a light breakfast, chow was eggs and toast with my morning coffee . Sunshine feeling fine hit it Dawn ..

SixTGunr 03-16-2009 06:08 AM

Mondays ... Dontcha Just Luv Em :)


Marine1955 03-17-2009 08:43 PM

this ain't morning joe but it will have to do...
Evening you Slackers !!!! had a hard time getting on Y.F.P. today don't know why must be the weather anyways we got up yo 83 for a high and we should cool down tomorrow at least i hope so . went to warrensburg mo. yesterday to pick up a truck for a dealer and my god, it was all i could do to climb into that S.O.B. it had a lift kit and big f*cking tires and got sh*tty gas mile per gallon... but i made it home left at 6 AM got back home around 9:30 PM.. boy was i tired .. P.S. it had a 12 in. lift kit on it plus the tires and no steps to get in. so think about it

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