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Originally Posted by Shered View Post
Plt. 177 M.C.R.D./P.I.S.C. Oct. 1959 Grad. Jan.1960

Lt.Col. L.L.Parrow Commanding Officer 1st Bn.
Capt. W.M.Greene Commanding Officer B Co.
1 Lt. R.L.Sindelar Series Officer
A.Gy.Sgt. J.T.Atkins Series N.C.O
Gy.Sgt. C.R.Waite C.D.I.
A.S.Sgt. J.P.Lavan S.D.I.
A.S.Sgt. R.J.Chavous J.D.I.
A.Sgt. M.E.Butler J.D.I.

Got Sick went to Hospital in Beaufort , S.C.
Returned to Plt.374 M.C.R.D. Grad. Feb.1960

A.S.Sgt. W.L.Moore S.D.I. On The Viet. Wall
A.S.Sgt. J.L.Jenkins J.D.I.
A.Sgt. M.R.Mason J.D.I.
My Senior DI was A.S.Sgt W. Hargrove, the Junior DIs were J L Jenkins and B H Scott.

We were an all Alabama platoon, 347, formed in June, 1960. Wish I could get in touch with either or all of them.
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