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Originally Posted by Lppopk View Post
That is the correct platoon. It was the first in my series. I was platoon 1106, the yearbook had both series 1104 and 1108. I have a snap shot of the actual book. Unfortunately it's all I have. A fellow jarhead who was in my platoon sent this to me so I could see how it was labeled on the cover. Is that picture all you have?
Thank you for your help

OK People this Link is for Leatherneck Magazine and they will place a want add for you asking for your Platoon book or Photos and they will do it for free at least they did it for me at the time I ask them for help. Once you have received your Book or Photo you'll need to write them and inform them so they can remove your listing. Please be courteous to them and it will go along ways for you.
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