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I don't know if I said that I was a Mustang... But that's another thing that President Kennedy me.

I enlisted in 1956, (Yes Cpl Miller I know what a Grunt is)

I was a 0311 rifleman (A-1-4) and 60mm mortar gunner (A-1-4) before going to disbursing (H&S-4).

Commissioned in 1962 from the rank of Sgt (E-5) 12th MCRRD.

I retired in 1976 at the rank of Major (0-4)(Federal Office Building, San Francisco).

Now you all know my basic history.

I still work at age 71 and own a insurance adjusting company. I am licensed as a Insurance Adjuster/Investigator. We are always after the bad guys.

I have been in insurance since my retirement from the Marine Corps. So, I have been in my second career almost twice as long as my military career.

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