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Originally Posted by Marine1955 View Post
To all who want to wear the EAGLE , GLOBE , AND ANCHOR , be advise this is no game, once you commit to it your in for the long hall . We that are in and who have served take the honor of being a Marine very, very seriously. We may not see eye to eye on somethings but we do see eye to eye on one thing and that is the Pride we take in being the one and only the U.S.MARINE's. So before you take the oath of a Marine think it out then say to yourself do I want to be the best there is and if you say yes then commit to being the best,be a Marine.

Marine1955 your post brings tears to Cpl Miller I am sure. But then he cries about everything when it comes to being a Marine. I have told him he could have some of my time but he would have to earn it. He is still trying to figure out that one.

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