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On-hand Graduation books.

This forum should be used to list those boot camp graduation books that you have in hand.
This forum has been created for your use in helping our Marine brother and sisters find those graduation books that have been lost over the years for one reason or another.

Over this last year Yellow Footprints has received a number of books that are stored in our archives.

For members like CMYR who purchased a large number of books, these books can and will be listed in this forum section for your review.
IF you find a book that a member has listed that is your platoon book, it will be up to you to make contact with that member via his/her email address in their profiles.

If you need assistence, the Yellowfootprints team will be happy to help. Due to the workload of the staff we do ask that you FIRST contact the listing member first.

As a side note: THIS forum is not a place for those selling books, it is an informational listing forum ONLY.

Carry On Marines!!

The Yellow Footprints team
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