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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
I guess my book will never be found. That's what happens when you start getting old.

Platoon 280, 28May56 to 10Sep56, San Diego. I think that was in the United States.

I still have my boot camp book but it has the San Francisco rot and there is not much of it left now.
Chuck... when I first joined Gary's mission, I thought "how hard can it be to find a book?". Now I know....hard...very hard. Which is why we all support this site because finding a specific book in the public arena is near to impossible.

I have a list of approx. 500 books that Marines have posted that they are looking for. And I have saved searches on ebay. So every day I get notices from ebay about books being offered for sale. For 2 yrs I have searched my list for the books on the ebay notices and have only found ONE book. As luck would have it, that Marine is no longer on the website where I found his message about looking for the book. So now I have the book but can't find him. UGH!! Now Gary has the book in his collection for safe keeping.

My suggestion would be to take your book to a book conservator. Or a photo shop. When my daughter was 3....many moons ago...she had torn a picture into pieces. I had salvaged most of the pieces but parts were lost over the years. I took the pieces to a photo shop and they made me a new picture....complete with the missing parts. I have no idea how they did that...but now you cannot tell that the picture was almost destroyed. I don't know how bad your yearbook is but you might want to consider trying to restore it rather than trying to find another one. Just an idea. Geri
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