This web site has been in the works for a number of years now with the main goal of having a searchable database of Marineís who took on the challenge and passed the ultimate test of becoming a United State Marine.

    It was important from the beginning that this site symbolizes that beginning of the journey in becoming a Marine, hence Yellow Foot Prints.

    NO Marine will ever forget the first time he or she stepped onto those Yellow Foot Prints. Itís ENGRAINED into our memories as one of the scariest moments of our lives.

    Boot camp, a place that will change you forever, and a place we learned to be Marines!

    Marines are about history, and although we have much information about our history, what isnít stored in some dark archive for easy access is information about who graduated boot camp and when.

    Yellow Foot Prints, a web site dedicated to Marine Corps boot camp historical information via a searchable database where information can to entered by either an admin or members.

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