Yellow Foot Print Forums

The forums on this site are meant to add some level of Marine-to-Marine contact and open discussion. We ask that you maintain a level of Marine etiquette when posting here. We ask that you follow these simple rules:

1.Unless you're in the Marine ONLY forum section, please refrain from using
inappropriate language.

2.We DO NOT allow nude pictures of ANY kind to be posted within your

3.We also ask that disputes between Marines be handled like gentleman, OFF LINE.

4.We will not allow personal information posted within our forums.

5.Military troop movement is ABSOLUTELY forbidden from postings.

6.Although we do have a Marine want to be forum, occasionally these young men and women will stop into the Marine forums section to ask questions. PLEASE be as polite as you can in asking them to move on.

REMEMBER, these are future Marines you are addressing.

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