Yellow Foot Prints Membership


It should be noted from the start that it is not required that you sign in and become a member. This site is open to all who visit this cyber barracks without the need in become a member.

Membership is only required if you want to enter information into one of our database as in the boot camp, obituary, or post on our many forums. With knowing a members verifiable email address it gives us the ability to reach out to our members should the need arise.

Because this site is open to all we MUST have complete control on pictures and information posted on this site. Should inappropriate pictures be posted in any of our photo section we need the ability to contact the poster directly.

With no membership fees, or cost for using this site we will be selling a small number of products as in t-shirts and a few choice products to support the cost of running this site.

For those that do not want to purchase any products but want to donate funds towards this cause, you can send your donations to our PO Box.

It should be noted up front that we are NOT a non-profit organization so you cannot use these donations for tax purposes.

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