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Yellow Footprints is presently working towards becoming a non-profit 501(3)c company. This re-organization will allow those who donate to the site, a tax deduction.  But more importantly, it will allow us to apply for grants that will ensure the long term viability of this site and the preservation of the historical information that the site contains.  

HOWEVER, until we know if we can meet the requirements of the 501(3)c process, we need to look at other avenues of funding.I have watched many web sites turn to charging their membership a monthly or yearly fee just to have the privilege of using those web sites.  I, for one, have never supported the idea of charging for the use of the site.  Marines support each other, we do NOT charge for that support.  
So here we are.  How do we generate the funds needed that would allow us to continue to provide the access to our historical information and allow the website to grow?   Moreover, how will we be able to improve on what we offer our brother and sister Marines through this site and its content?

Here is what I have come up with.
Welcome to the new “Sponsors” section of Yellow Footprints.
When I first decided to add this new feature, I was concerned that others would think we were going commercial.  Please be assured that that is not the case.
You will not see advertisements popping up on your screens or banners flying on each page you visit. The “Sponsors” feature is here for one reason and one reason only - fundraising. 
We receive hundreds of visitors to the site each day with 5,000+ pages viewed on any given day.  Each of those visitors is a potential customer for a business.  Why not make use of a resource I always sayA sponsoring company or web site who supports Yellowfootprints mission, can place a company or web banner on this page with a link that points to their business.    The sponsors will have a relatively inexpensive way of reaching many potential clients and the Marines who utilize the website will know which companies support and recognize the importance of preserving Marines’ history.  I believe a “Sponsor” section will provide benefits to both the sponsoring company and the many visitors to their websites.   
If you have a business, please consider sponsoring our mission by advertising here at Yellow Footprints.   If you see a banner for a company below, please recognize their commitment to the cause of preserving our history by supporting their company. 
This may not be the  only answer to raising money, but it’s a start until we can either completed our 501(3)c change over or come up with a better idea.
For those interested in our sponsorship program please reach out to:
Please take a minute and stop in as new sponsors come on-line, I am sure they’d like to hear from you.

If you wish to make a direct donation, please submit to: gmiller, Yellow Footprints PO box 341, Orangevale, Ca 95662


Thanks everyone for your support
Gary Miller, Cpl. U.S.M.C. 1964-1970

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